James Eagan Layne Evening Dive

IMG_3865 copy

What a fantastic dive we had on the James Eagan Layne last night. Due to popular demand we changed our dive site to the SS Liberty ship which sank in 1945 and what a great decision it was too! Having the best of both worlds and descending while the sun was setting, we could still appreciate the sunlight bearing down through the beams of this popular wreck. The shot line sits in hold 1 so we started swimming down to the stern in and out of the massive structure and through each hold. At the stern we met a John Dory which seemed fascinated with our torch light so after a few minutes of hanging with this little fish we made our way back up to the bow. Sat on the seabed looking straight up at the bow is an amazing feeling and with the good visibility of 6m you could really appreciate this wreck. After 50minutes underwater, it was time to start making our ascent. As we surfaced it was pure darkness with only the glow stick on the end of the SMB marking our position and the boat came to pick us up. The excitement of evening night dives has begun!


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